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Rooms to let Restaurant “TO KAMARI” are located in the beach of Agia Fotini (Agia Fotia according to the locals). The beach is distant 12km south from the town center and 9km from the airport. Agia Fotia belongs to the municipality of Agios Minas and the village Neohori. Agios Minas is the most tourist municipality of the island with a great number of hotels, restaurants, café and bars. ”TO KAMARI” is situated 30m from the seashore along the pedestrian road.

Agia Fotini located in the south-east part of Chios opposite the Turkish coast. The distance from the town center is 12km and from the airport is only 9km. Agia Fotini is a traditional village, a nice destination to offer fantastic holidays to its visitors. Three colors dominate in the area: pure white, blue and green.

The beach is awarded every year from the Greek organization for the Protection of Nature with the prize of the “Blue flag” which is a symbol of quality in over 40 countries and it is given with very strict criteria in organized beaches and marinas managed by inshore municipalities and hotel owners. The criteria for the award of “Blue flag” are the purity of the sea and the beach, the organization, visitor’s safety as well as the protection of the nature and the environmental instruction. The beach is equipped with deck-chairs and parasols. The purity of the sea and the white pebbles are symbol of the area. Every day there is a life guard for your own safety.

In the area there are three taverns, two mini-markets and two cafes. You also have the potential to rent a car or a motorbike. In our restaurant you can taste our specialties.

Chios is an island with great history and beauty. What makes Chios island very special is the mastic gum and the beautifully clear beaches. One of the nicest beaches is Agia Fotini. The name came from the patron Santa of the area. The Santa’s day is at August 12th. A great celebration takes place that day in the small church which is located 800 meters from the beach. The local people have given the name “Agia Fotia” in the area that means “St. Fire” owing to the tradition which says that some fishermen saw the hills being on fire. After searching the place they came across an icon of St. Fotini in the hills were the fire had been. Later the church was built at the same location.


Chios Island
Chios is the fifth in area island of Greece and the tenth of the Mediterranean Sea. Its area is 841.58 square km with 54,000 Inhabitants. Chios, Inousses, Psara and Antipsara belong to the prefecture of Chios.
The town of Chios called Hora by the locals is situated opposite the peninsula of Erithrea and the port of Tsesme which is distant from the port of Chios 45min.
According to the tradition the island owes its name to the nymph Chiona, daughter of Inopion the first inhabitant and king of the area. Inopion came from Crete and taught to the locals the secrets of viniculture and the production of wine that he has learnt from god Dionysus. Another tradition says that the island owes its name to Chios son of Neptune and a nymph because the day of his birth a lot of snow has fallen on the island. Some other says that the name of Chios Chios.

History of Chios.
According to a research realized by the British archeological school Chios is resided since 6,000 BC. The first inhabitants were called Pelasgi. Then other people arrived to the island called Leleges, Cares, Avantes. Ionian people came at 1,100BC. Chios claims the paternity of the epic poet Homer. Since the antiquity people of Chios were considered some of the richest people of the area. At the 6th century BC commerce, shipping-trade, literature and art are remarkably developed .The luxurious way of life the famous and rich symposium and the kindness of the locals made Chios well known all over the world. Mastic, wine and pottery contributed to the development of the commerce.

Because of its wealth Chios knew many conquerors such as Macedonians, Romans, Persians, and Italians from Genoa andVenice. During the Italian occupation the culture of citrus Fruits has started. In the 16th century Chios passes to the Turkish occupation. Turks gave many privileges to the locals because of the mastic. In 1912 Chios obtains its independence. The main activities of the locals are shipping trade, tourism, mastic culture, citrus fruit culture and recently fish culture and jam, ouzo and liqueur hand craft industries. Milk and cheese products are very popular.




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